Alaina Lauren in trouble with his voice

 Alaina Lauren in trouble with his voiceWomen  Suddeth Alaina Lauren's full name in Rossville, Georgia, was until August Born in November 1994. Lauren was able to get a test take to the satisfaction of the judges of American Idol with 10 Aerosmith songs titled , don  not Want to Miss A Thing.

Alaina Lauren was seen singing talent when she was three years old. But he began to sing seriously pursuing the field when his cousin, Holly, was sentenced to suffer a brain tumor.

After Lauren Holly, and she spent much time together in a room and sing along.
One of his favorite subjects of American Idol singer Carrie Underwood is Lauren. Judge Lauren, Carrie very nice and has the ability to captivate the audience.

Carrie influence on Lauren  clear when the participants in the American Idol singing pop songs with a country touch. At the request of the person he most wanted to know, , Alaina Lauren said, , Justin Bieber. 

He studied the laws Selena Gomez is so cute and was with him.

Alaina Lauren  was frighteningly close to losing his  nights dream.

The American Idol finalist suffered a sprain voice - similar to a sprained ankle, according to a doctor - during rehearsals in the afternoon. It was so bad that it almost Haley Lauren Reinhart called to the finals to be replaced.

However, the doctor appeared on stage at the beginning of the program and told viewers that Alaina Lauren has a number of medicines for the given  burst , his voice, and he thinks it will be , fine. 

I   m Here, I ll be ready to sing. I   m fine, do not care,   said Alaina Lauren, the horse on stage.

What is the effect of the results? Alaina Lauren's title hopes dashed? The country will vote for her out of pity and or endurance? The final will be broadcast to write, and how  was all the shows will be first in the morning s. 

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