Fascinate by Pipa Middleton

Fascinate by Pipa Middleton - A moment in the form of  beautiful women dressed in white with curly brown hair out of the car, before the , the church , Westminster Abbey, the world gasped.

O transformed by a group of Middleton, Kate Middleton's younger sister is Friday, April 29, 2011 Saturday was a lady  in honor of her sister's wedding in the British Princes William.

Many were surprised that the group in a white dress is so cute. Even Kate, dress designed by Sarah Burton Pipe also uses crepe satin, brocade fabric detailed basic buttons, and like his brother.

The difference lies in revealing clothes curved tubes, a bright, those who watched the ceremony.

Social networking site directly excited about the release of   Middleton Pipe looks absolutely amazing, I think I fell in love!. , written by a fan expressed his admiration.

Whether the tubes are always a lot or not, and although people are still waiting, alas, pretty girl, who had a friend named Alex Loudon, the former England international cricketers.

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