Watch Salma Hayek nude in "Americano" new movie

Watch Salma Hayek nude in "Americano" new movie -  At forty five years, Salma Hayek still get the paper to require off her garments. Actress within the movie "Americano" Mexico plays a stripper named 'Lola, that is a component of the mystery ship. Mathieu Demy plays' Martin, a Paris land agent who traveled to Tijuana when the death of his mother to find the origins of girls who never knew. 'Lola ought to be an exponent of the deceased, however the connection may be a heap of intrigue and bother. 

Another scene shows one in every of the right body when she performed at a strip club. She was solely sporting a really skimpy outfit in subsequent scenes. The Mexican actress, who is married to French billionaire, Francois-Henri Pinault, and encompasses a four-year-old daughter was wanting younger when he shows her attractive curves. Demy may be a author and director of the film that opens on June fifteen. The artist has been stripped of their garments to "Dogma" film in 1999, and in 1996 she did a horny dance with a number of garments and a snake within the neck in "From Dusk Til Dawn".

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