7 Way to Lose Your Weight

7 Way to Lose Your Weight  - Obesity or overweight has become a scourge for most of modern society. They are willing to reach into the money-in order to form a similar body model. Not infrequently a variety of diet programs have been undertaken in order to be free from obesity. Here's stance to lose weight without dieting Huffingtonpost website that was launched June 26, 2011:

1. Record eating.
Write down and record every food you eat every day in a special diary. This trick helps a person learn the habit of eating. After that weigh weight regularly.

Based on research Bowning Green State University, the trick is believed to lose weight as much as 5 percent.

2. Routine consumption of vitamins.
British Journal of Nutrition suggested that someone take a vitamin daily routine. Choose a multivitamin that match or correspond with a doctor's recommendation. This method can prevent a person hungry faster as well as double the stamina.

3. Exercise.
Do a simple exercise regularly. For example push-ups or sit-ups as much as 1 set or 15 times the count.

4. Consumption of vitamin C.
Consuming 500 milligrams of vitamin C are believed to burn calories as much as 30 percent.

5. Discussions with friends.
Advice and opinion of friends is very helpful success weight loss program you are doing. Create a network of friends who can help you lose weight. Intensify discussions.

6. Many fruit and vegetable consumption.
Consumption of fruits can help someone live a healthy and lose weight. A variety of fresh fruits of different colors suitable to burn calories

7. Meditation.
When hunger strikes, before a meal you can do a simple meditation. How, draw a deep breath for several minutes. "When relaxed, the hunger is gone," says Ralph LaForge, a psychologist at Duke University.

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