Beyonce Wedding Dress Photos

Beyonce Wedding Dress Photos - The singer has simply released a video of her performing track i used to be Here, that is in the course of a montage of home movies and behind-the-scenes moments.
Especially considering what a spectacle that different royal wedding was last year, New York’s reigning couple Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s nuptials were a low-key affair. They never even officially announced their wedding, that was cool and fashionable, however kept US Weekly-readers and wedding fashion aficionados from the all-important task of critiquing B’s dress. 3 years later, Mrs. Carter-Knowles has given us a peek, within the kind of a video montage from last summer’s shows at Roseland Ballroom. She looked the mermaid-Disney princess-cupcake that we tend to all need her to be.
The previously unseen footage includes the day a makeup-free Bey tries on her wedding dress for the primary time (about three.30mins in), that was reportedly designed by mum Tina Knowles.

It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, however it's enough to envision that the fairytale dress options a strapless Vivienne Westwood-esque neckline and corset, with a dramatic ruffled train.
Other moments featured within the film embody a young Beyonce creating her stage debut, voluminous fun bad-fashion moments from the first Destiny's kid days, and a few rare displays of affection together with her doting husband.

We challenge you to look at the video on top of while not a) needing to be Beyonce for every day, b) needing to be Beyonce forever, c) needing to be Jay-Z either for every day, or forever.

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