Courtney Cox Secret

Want Younger, Courtney Cox  Use Botox

Star of the series   Friends  Courtney Cox on the cover of In Style for the next release. In the camp, wife of David Arquette discussed many things, including Botox, the relationship with her husband and the entertainment industry in general.

If Pamela Anderson, he claimed not to Botox, famous use was, Courtney is not fake, the dispute is with Botox. In fact, there is a problem, the use of Botox will always remain young. You could see the fragments of an interview with Hollyscoop following manner:

Some therapies are needed to work more successful?

We come together and separately. Each of us has complete freedom in making this world that which make a comfortable relationship. It  s for single people, just live side by side, especially if they have different interests and professional life. You try to stay in touch, and this is something that we in this field, has  he said.

When it comes to the use of Botox?

Age is one thing, but tried to slow it differently. Sometimes I use Botox. Compared to most people, I use very sparingly. Although at one time, I was use to much it. I feel weird if my face can not move, and once I did that I felt trapped in his shoes. I have no problem with the article. If you feel better about yourself, it's right, it did  explained;  so good 

As for his decision always want to leave the entertainment industry?

Although no time was when my father, we should in this industry. That was before I had a friend, and I  m probably a month before I actually went bankrupt. I use this industry to all my money in the bank a few months or weeks, depending on the bad things. Eventually, my father called me and said. I think the time to sell the house and the swimming pool.  do not think I never left the campaign. Although these other things that fascinates me. Will an architect and want to know more about the landscape. I think it is a good therapist, too. Maybe I can start the treatment of small groups, he said.

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