Nicki Minaj Deletes Her Twitter Account

Nicki Minaj Deletes Her Twitter Account - Nicki Minaj isn't within the media for her personal life, however Nicki Minaj's latest interview on ABC's"Nightline" has folks talking.

The "Super Bass" singer - who simply deleted her Twitter account when a recent spat with some fellows posters on the social network - sat down with Juju Chang earlier in the week and dished on everything from being compared to girl Gaga to her ever growing fan base - however, what caught everyone's attention the foremost was her honesty concerning her painful childhood.
The 29-year-old told that her father was a crack addict and would have outbursts, explaining, "I wished to kill [my dad]. I used to want he was dead ... 'We were afraid for my mother's life as a result of whenever he would have a true dangerous outburst he would threaten to kill her."

During the interview, Chang informed viewers that Minaj's father has been clean for years which the singer has forgiven him, however currently family is speaking out to inform folks his aspect of the story.

Sources have spoken to TMZ, saying that, though her father Omar admits that he had anger problems as a toddler, he never reached such a violent purpose, adding that Nicki's claims are very exaggerated.

The sources additionally add that Omar currently and invariably has loved his daughter and he is devastated that she shared these unknown feelings within the media.

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