Sarah Silverman's full-frontal scene

Sarah Silverman's full-frontal scene - Reports of Sarah Silverman's full-frontal scene within the indie film "Take This Waltz" are circulating the net since September of 2010.
"I go totally naked," Silverman told Moviefone on the set of Sarah Polley's indie film. "Full frontal. It's about to be awful. it is so not pretty."

More than eighteen months later, ny audiences ought to decide for themselves whether or not Silverman's exposed scene was "awful" as "Take This Waltz" had its ny debut at the Tribeca Film competition on Sunday night. (The film had previously premiered at the Toronto International Film competition in September of 2011.)

Speaking with reporters on the red carpet before the ny premiere, Silverman said that her nude scene within the film is simply your everyday, run-of-the-mill little bit of nakedness. "The thing, and that i need to be ready to say this as a result of ['Waltz' writer-director] Sarah Polley is not here, however she continually says she wrote that scene as a result of girls are naked along all the time," she said to reporters (via THR). "You're within the shower at the Y or one among you is within the tub and one among you is reading a magazine, you are hanging out and attempting on garments -- it's such a standard, a day factor for girls that is never mirrored in movies. there is most nudity in movies, however it is usually sexual."

Starring Silverman, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, "Take This Waltz" continues to play throughout the Tribeca Film competition. it's scheduled to hit theaters in restricted unharness on June twenty nine.
For a lot of from the premiere of "Take This Waltz," together with Silverman's thoughts on gay wedding and abortion, head over to THR.

Even before Take This Waltz – out in theaters June 29 and available through Video On Demand May 25 — was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of last year, a lot was made of a full-frontal nude scene featuring Sarah Silverman. “The movie, I think, is gonna be great because [writer/director] Sarah Polley is incredible, but my body? In all honesty, I would say it’s a lot closer to Kathy Bates in About Schmidt than, like, Julianne Moore in Short Cuts,” Silverman told Vulture in November of 2010. “I am begging you to lower your expectations!” After watching the first full-length trailer for the movie, we have to say, it looks pretty great. 

Note: It is not a comedy, despite Silverman and Seth Rogen’s presence. And the nude scene, according to an insider who recently screened Take This Waltz, is not at all what most people would consider erotic. “It’s a pretty serious flick about a woman (Williams) in an unfulfillin marriage to a cookbook author (Rogen). Silverman plays Seth’s sister Geraldine, who’s a recovering alcoholic,” explains the insider. “In one scene, following a water aerobics class, Michelle and Sarah’s characters take a shower in the locker room with another friend. It’s not exactly sexy — the camera repeatedly cuts to a few larger, elderly women, who are also showering naked. There’s a great deal of full-frontal nudity, from both Sarah and Michelle.” Check out the trailer below, which contains no nudity and is completely safe for work.

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