Anti Cancer

Traditional medicine to treat Cancer

Papaya Trees

Papaya is known to  antiquity as a food plant or plants that can cure all diseases. This plant nutrient, in addition to using traditional medicine is also used for various purposes such as cooking the meat and increase  appetite. Each section can be used papaya, root, stem, leaves, fruits, grains and even fruits.

Papaya leaves, has many advantages.

  • Meat being softer

A housewife who is familiar with the benefits of papaya leaves to tenderize the meat. The content of sap (latex) in the leaves to soak and soften the meat. How, beef stew made from papaya tree, or wrap the meat in papaya leaves, when  cooked.

  • Acne medications.

Did you know that papaya leaves are also able to overcome a stubborn button? Thus, older leaves take 2-3 papaya. Dry in the sun for a while, then puree until smooth. After that, add a tablespoon and a half  water. Then apply the face affected potionin  acne, such as the use of  ; a mask. Take a few minutes, then rinse well.

  • Increase  appetite.

It n  is not hard to make this amp appetite mixing, preparing fresh papaya leaves of palm trees, a little salt and half a cup of  hot water. All the ingredients are mixed, crushed or mixed and then filtered to remove the  water, then drink. This herb is safe even for children.

  • Fight against cancer.

Among the many studies described, the stem and leaves contain a large amount of latex of papaya milk-white (milky white latex), which probably developed as cancer, quoted by the Journal of the Society of Biology. The sap is obtained automatically when they eat the leaves of papaya, cooked anyway.

  • Aid digestion.

Papaya Karpain compounds containing the potent inhibition of microorganisms that interfere with the performance of various digestive functions, so that effectively removes the cause of typhoid fever.

  • Blood pressure control.

So take 5 pieces of papaya leaves, cooked with a pint  water. Boiling continues until  that three quarters. Let cool before drinking. If necessary, add the brown sugar or honey to taste sweet.

  • Remedy for dengue.

Mix 5 pieces of papaya, ginger, brown sugar and taste Meniran. Boil until  cook and cool before drinking.
medication for menstrual pain.
Take a piece of tamarind, papaya and salt to taste. Bring to a boil in a cup  water until it  kitchen. Let cool before drinking

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