Charms of Kate Middleton

Charms of Kate Middleton- Secrets of Charms , slim and fit  Kate Middleton
But for his daughter who will be officially nominated, Charms , natural taste and beauty dressed Kate Middleton, so these issues. Many people who wanted to know how far ahead of her wedding, her appetite. Yes, marriage means moving physically and mentally prepared.

Physically, she had the Charms body makes anyone a glance. Variations dress is always covered with elegant and housed in his body. Leaving the question in the minds of women: What is the Charms secret to beautiful skin and slim body? Is there a special diet, which is implemented?

Media managed to sniff for the feeding mother, Kate, Carole. What about the mystery of her slim body. Mother and child on a diet called the occupation. Diet comes from the French physician Pierre occupation is located.

In fact, professional food consumption emphasizes protein, avoiding carbohydrates and fats. This diet build muscle and burn up calories and fat fast. The ultimate goal is to lose weight and maintain a regular basis in the long term.

Since news of her wedding plans depressed whispers about her weight continued to reverberate. Many people who threw the question, there would be too narrow? But if the road is concerned about her weight gain took place since 2007, when he sees dramatic weight loss.

The proportion of high-weight-54 kg 177 cm makes it look fragile. Speculation says the weight loss was due to public pressure resulting from her relationship with Prince William, who was never separated from the watch. Other news media attention over lists, as well as information about their romance link every few months, which makes the charms loss of appetite.

But less confident photographers proposals unilaterally, because it looks good with her own body. Proven that he believes, is dressed in a bikini on vacation with the idol of the liver. The public knows the recipe Kate finally feeding mothers.

Towards a wedding is expected to cost $ 10,000,000, the mother noticed that she manages its August 4 kg in just 4 days time to lose weight. Because Prince William is so closely Privacy beloved, of course, difficult for the media know about his daily menu.

But do not name the journalists, if not wise. Remain open  various health literature, be obtained a lot of information about the job. Power line-up consists of four phases: Attack, Cruise, consolidation and stabilization.

• attack. This phase of the first 10 days. In this phase the dieter recommend only eating protein, protein, and protein. Meat without the skin and fiber, fish, beef, eggs, dairy products, low fat, oatmeal, tea, coffee, diet soda and skim milk.

• Cruise. Request for a week after the first stage. In addition to dietary protein start Eating vegetables is recommended. The objective at this stage is to lose weight. All fruit can be eaten fresh or processed

• consolidations. This step is done to keep the weight is reduced to. Besides food in two stages over the diet are allowed  pasta, bread , fruit and cheese to eat.

• stabilization. This stage is to maintain stability. Dieters can eat in one day a week. Type of food was a combination of these three phases.

Diet occupy much space on the dieter to be creative. All types of food can be found on the upper counterpart.

• Meat without fibers, which contain only 10 percent fat, may be replaced by the calves, horses. Recommendations on how to cook is to be boiled, steamed, baked without added oil.

• Vary the meat from chicken liver, beef, beef offal or language.

• In the case of birds, ducks and geese to avoid.

• Avoid sugar, honey, fructose, glucose, other than aspartame.

In addition to the diet, occupation, had a habit of exercise is known to support the body fitness. Here are some of Kate  s favorite sport  s.

• EDN gym. Source told the Daily Mail, Kate is very practice. Due to the easy lover's hobbies and privacy, in 2008, Prince William construction of sports hall with superlengkap equipment at Clarence House. Prince William also did it for the media not to his future wife, during the performance of their personal actions. Kate exercise almost daily, about one hour per day. There are moments when Kate is doing strength training, as well as Prince William and Prince Harry  ego.

• Cycling. Poachers capture several times, was a free ride.

• hockey and rowing. During his studies, became known as very active. He was captain of hockey team, which proved that he is very good work, muscle strength and balance. He never did race the boat and sailed away to charity. She practiced in the UK channel after 23 miles. It is not enough, Kate is like skiing with Prince William.

Latest news, Kate Middleton diet started to invade the mainland United States. Many girls are not just an obsession with Kate dressed the body, but also seramping Kate.

The Excited is, some nutritionists conduct detailed research. They said the use of force is comparable to other types of diets that are not too friendly on the body and makes the body's decreases metabolism.

Not to mention a few stages, the body  s intake of vitamin C, or even a 4-fold excess of vitamin D to miss

But it does not try to suppress the dieter. Hmmm, we invite you to respond in a reasonable manner. And do not forget to consult a physician before use.

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