Kim Kardashian won’t date a football player ever once more

Kim Kardashian won’t date a football player ever once more- These are new photos of Kim Kardashian at Miami International Airport many days ago, and in Beverly Hills over the weekend (the black shorts photos). First, will we tend to point out how Kim remains messing together along with her Kat-face? no matter goes on with her mouth is simply terrible, and it pisses me off to no finish that Kim thinks we tend to believe that she’s “natural”. It’s debatable on whether or not the ass is natural – however will we tend to all agree that her face is NOT?

Anyway, last week there was a rumor going around that Kim had been quietly dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Kim denied the rumor, and she or he pushed this story to TMZ:
Kim Kardashian isn’t secretly dating Mark Sanchez … she’s not curious about Tim Tebow — in reality, sources tell TMZ, the fact star is totally DONE with soccer players normally … all due to Reggie Bush.

    In case you haven’t heard — there have been reports Kim and Mark were seeing one another on the DL whenever she was in ny. there have been alternative rumors Kim came on to Tim Tebow owing to his old style values. however we’re told … it’s all BS.
Sources near Kim tell us, her break-up with Bush in 2010 was thus rough … she has lost her style for NFL players entirely — and has no plans to play the sphere within the close to future.
currently that she’s moved on from NBA players too … she’s solely left with baseball, hockey, soccer and golf. Hey, Tiger’s available!
[From TMZ]

See, I don’t believe this in any respect. I don’t suppose Kim “lost her taste” for soccer players simply because of what went down with Reggie, a bit like I don’t believe Kim “lost her taste” for basketball players owing to what went down with Kris Humphries. It’s predictably dumb for Kim (or anyone) to color all athletes with constant stereotype, by why compartmentalize between numerous sports? B-ballers are fine, soccer players are dangerous, however baseball players are the best? Meh. Kim simply desires somebody high-profile and wealthy, I doubt she very cares who or what he will

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