Adrienne Bailon Dress

Adrienne Bailon Dress - An eye-catching, and let's face it, revealing, outfit worn at an enormous event will build a career. Just raise Elizabeth Hurley, who owes her time within the sun less to acting talent than Versace, or Jennifer Lopez, who despite being a star already, catapulted into the A-list because of constant designer. And Sunday at the Oscars Angelina Jolie managed to elevate her notoriety to new levels by flashing her leg provocatively in her velvet Versace robe. The same cannot be said for Adrienne Bailon, who received the Escape to Total Rewards event in ny last night carrying an outfit that wasn't most a risk however a kamikaze mission.

And whereas it is simple to figure out what the beautiful brunette's intention was, the particular thinking behind this peculiar outfit is tough to fathom. Adrienne exposed approach an excessive amount of when her ruffled cream adornment, that was barely containing abundant of her chest, moved to the facet and exposed as good as everything to the cameras.  The former Cheetah ladies star wasn't carrying any underneathwear under the sheer dress, the result too express to publish. But the previous girlfriend of Rob Kardashian was was unabashed, telling Celebuzz at the event: 'If I might take off naked, I would.'  She then added: 'This is simply some fancy stuff to throw over my very little naked body,' concerning her barely-there ensemble from her upcoming fashion line collaboration with Dominique Auxilly.

Adrienne's ensemble defies rationalization in some ways as it's such a paradox, a glance that's each revealing and not attractive in any approach the least bit. If something, it's was comical look, as she gave the impression of she forgot her skirt, to not mention her underwear and inexplicably got a tablecloth snared up to her belt buckle.  Indeed, if the singer had supposed this outfit to be a joke on a grand scale, she's wholly succeeded.
And notwithstanding she wearing this bizarre fashion so as to be the talking purpose of the night, it had been additionally successful. But if Adrienne hoped to own cemented her place in posterity with this look, she's going to be disappointed.

All she's succeeded in doing is cementing her figure in people's minds, for all the incorrect reasons.

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