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6 Advice is Already Proven Powerful Beauty 

Countless number of myths circulating about how to care for body and facial beauty. But it turns out many of whom are not just a myth, but it really proved successful. Here are six of our favorite beauty tips, which you can apply daily. 

1. To be more subtle facial acne free 
Actually no need to spend a fortune to buy a variety of facial care expensive products. Only one product that you need to prevent wrinkles, eliminate acne, and makes skin smoother: retinoids. Facial creams that contain retinoids can be purchased at pharmacies, but to be safe, better go to a dermatologist and ask for a prescription for a retinoid cream that is suitable for your skin type. 

2. For lashes look thick, tapering, and long 
There mascara flicker, there is a thickening mascara eyelashes, mascara which gives effect is long, there is waterproof mascara ... Ah, so many kinds of mascara that you can choose. But which is the most effective dramatic effect on eyelashes? Tactics like this: first, then your eyelash licked and brush waterproof mascara. This will make lashes licked awake all day. After that, just add the thickening mascara.

For longer lasting perfume 
Sometimes lazy also be re-sprayed perfume to the body every three hours. For longer lasting fragrance in our bodies, do not only wear perfume on her wrists and neck. If you wear a skirt or shorts, also spray perfume on the back of the knee and the ankle. Both these areas could prove to hold perfume longer. 

Looks bright for the eyes 
What color eyeliner you usually wear? Black or brown? Leave the first two colors, and move on purple eyeliner. It turns out that brush to  purple eyeliner on the top line of the eyes can make eyes look more brilliant. Pick a dark purple color for inconspicuous. 

5. For dark circles under the eyes obscure 
In addition to using concealer, there are other ways to cover up dark circles under the eyes for those who frequently stay up. The trick is to shape your eyebrows to be straight, because the curved shape of eyebrows that can make even a black circle looks more and more clear. 

6. So no need for long dress 
If you are the sort of lazy women who dress up but are required to always look neat and pretty, do not worry. Simply trim your eyebrows at the salon every two weeks (or do yourself if you can), and affirmed with eyebrow pencil every time you want to move. Do not forget Dab lipbalm or gloss for lips do not look dry. 
Focus on the eyebrows and lips is enough to make the face look "has been dressing up"

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