Charlize Theron Leaked Intimate Video

Charlize Theron Leaked Intimate Video  - Charlize Theron took rumors into her own hands Sunday by "leaking" a pretend sex tape on Funny or Die, involving 2 men wearing bondage gear and 2 hooded, beaked figures lurking within the shadows.

The premise for the viral April Fools' Day footage: Theron supposedly misplaces her mobile phone within the Funny Or Die offices, and employees members let curiosity get the most effective of them, hacking into the device to unveil the actress' racy facet.

The actress, 36, begins the mock video with a barely suppressed giggle and a disclaimer: "I hope no one sees this, nobody's alleged to see this!"

"Move over Paris and Kim, as a result of i am into some very kinky sh-t," she deadpans as she shifts the camera to tell 2 men hopping round the bedroom with their hands sure before them.

Off-camera, Theron channels her inner demonic alter-ego and growls at the boys to "dance, dance" and later to "cry for me" as she throws a cup choked with presumably hot water at them.

"Time for the pleading," she says at one purpose, throwing herself onto the bed and cavorting with the 2 beaked characters.

Several shops initially reported the video as real, however Funny or Die owned up to their prank simply a number of hours later.

Good to grasp that the “Snow White and therefore the Huntsman” actress is game for fun.

It's here: the Charlize Theron sex tape you have been looking ahead to.

That, or its an April Fools' Day collaboration between the actress and Funny Or Die. Truthfully, we will not imagine being disappointed either approach.

Last year for April Fools', FoD did a Rebecca Black web site takeover, and this year it's all Theron. The premise of the gag is that the actress left her mobile phone within the FoD offices and that they did what any self-respecting {site|website|web web site} would do: hacked it and place all the revealing videos on their site.

Just as we tend to suspected: Charlize Theron is into some pretty kinky stuff.

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