Prince William - Kate Middleton - Wedding preparation

Wedding Day Prince William and Kate Middleton arriving soon. Preparation has long been done before. Latest news William and Kate wedding involving an Indonesian chef is believed to make a wedding cake on the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Stay a month, the British heir Prince William ended his bachelor. He will marry Kate Middleton on 29 April.

News the wedding was now a major topic in every media world, especially Britain.Starting from the concept of wedding, wedding dress, guests invited to the wedding cake awaited a similar public historic wedding the parents of William, PrinceCharles-Diana on July 29, 1981.

In a royal wedding, it turns out there is the involvement of Indonesian citizens. He is Michelle Wibowo, a chef from Semarang  who was appointed as a wedding cake maker. "It's a different challenge for me," said Michele in the MSN UK last week.
Michelle is not designated for granted. Cakes made ​​in
 33-year-old woman was elected as the Ideal Home Cake decorator of the Year in London. He set aside 80 leading pastry chefs in the world of work.

Not only that, the company that manages Michelle Michelle Sugar Art Limited cake was recorded as the winner Hospitality Show 2006, a leading culinary competitions in the UK.
Then what kind of wedding cake made ​​by
 Michelle? Cakes by Michelle Williams and her physique show that wearing a wedding dress all in white. In the Daily Mail page, cake was as high as 6 levels of normal-sized human equivalent.

Michelle should be proud. And unique from Michelle, she does not have an academic foundation in tata boga. Michelle is a graduate of the University Architect Parahyangan.
Indonesian chef, Michelle Wibowo has been trusted to make the wedding cake in the British Royal family. Pride for Indonesia, could get involved in the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton..

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