Final Seconds Prince William and Kate Middleton before marriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton  have been prepared for their wedding day is planned for Friday (29 / 4) of this. Wedding successor to the British monarchy is forecast to become the biggest British royal wedding 30 years. This is because the show became "Royal Wedding" will be witnessed by more than half a million people in London and two billion TV viewers globally.

Red carpet and a good flower decoration has been prepared in Westminster Abbey, as the location of the main event, where thousands of British citizens around the country ready to toast to this happy day.

Hopefully, a quarter of the world population to witness when she became a princess after Prince William pinning wedding ring on his finger during a wedding blessing at the church prior to his late mother's place last respects William, Princess Diana, shortly before the funeral.

In this marriage, William will wear the uniform of a colonel of the Irish soldier. While her own dress, as reported previously until the day before the wedding ceremony took place still a secret.

William's grandfather, Prince Philip, the wedding procession later, will be in charge of carrying a wedding ring for his grandson. Kate's wedding ring is produced by the Welsh Jewellers special Wartski given to Prince William from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Apart, from the streets of London reported, hundreds of thousands of residents expected to take to the streets to witness the "Royal Wedding" is on the big screen in several places, such as Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square, complete with Champagne for a toast.
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